Feedback from previous course participants.

“A really inspiring day! I shall go away with the confidence and motivation to feel that I really want to make a difference in my workplace.”

“Great training, really important for all to attend! It will remain at the forefront of my agenda.”

"I loved the training and I think it wouldn't be as rich if it was delivered by other facilitators. You have so much knowledge and experience and can answer all those questions that people are scared to ask... It would be a shame to lose that. I understand that it is not practical for you to deliver every session but that is what I would want in an ideal world!"

“I was really impressed with the training and found the open discussion really helpful and enlightening. It has given me the confidence to challenge heterosexist and derogatory language.”

“I felt the session was really well run, the range of activities were really engaging and made me actively think about the issues being discussed. I learnt a lot and enjoyed myself at the same time.”

“I found it an excellent mix of discussion and tasks to make me challenge my own perceptions and thoughts. Really interesting and inspirational.”

“A very worthwhile and highly recommended day. So grab the opportunity.”

“Irrespective of your job or role, this training enables you to look at sexuality/gender discrimination, LGBT history and what the law says. Very well worth attending!”

“The course was very enjoyable and interesting. Well done, keep up the good work!”

“Now I know there are many things about LGBT issues I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for making me reflect about issues you raised. By the way, the role-taking game was amazing.”

“The training was excellent. I thoroughly recommend this training.”